ISRO launches ‘Young Scientist Programme’ for school children

ISRO launches ‘Young Scientist Programme’ for school children

Source: ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation

The objective of the program is to provide basic knowledge on Space Technology, Space Science and Space Applications.

Source: ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation

Indian Space Research Organization has launched a special program for school children called ‘Yuva Vigyan Kanyakaram’ or Young Scientist Programme. The objective of the program is to provide basic knowledge on space technology, space science and space applications to young people.

The program is primarily aimed at imparting basic knowledge on space technology, space science and space applications to young people with the intention of arousing their interest in emerging areas of space activities. Thus the objective of the program is to create awareness among the youth who are the building blocks of the future of our nation.

• ISRO has come up with this young scientist program to ‘connect with them’ and learn the basics of space science. Residential training program will be conducted during summer vacations. It will be held for a period of about two weeks. 

• Under the programme, three students from each state and union territory will be selected to participate each year, covering CBSE, ICSE and state syllabus. 

• ISRO has contacted the Chief Secretaries of the respective States and Union Territories administrators in India to arrange for the selection of three students from each of their States and Union Territories and forward the list to ISRO. 

• The eligibility to be selected for the program includes students who have completed 8th standard and are currently studying in 9th standard. 

•Further, the selection will be based on the academic performance and extra-curricular activities of the students, as already selected criteria is circulated to the principal secretaries of the states and union territory administrators.  

What is a Scientist?
A scientist is a professional who conducts experiment and gathers research to further knowledge. There are several types of scientists and nearly every industry requires the knowledge and research performed by these professionals.
A person who research and experiments and study the event that happens during his experiment. And make the solutions and give the knowledge tu human to work over it.
How to became a scientist?
Most of the children in their childhood say that they want to become a scientist. But some of them will work hard to become scientist, but some of will think of how to become a scientist.
If you really want to became a great scientist, first select a specific research area and work regularly over it.
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