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ITOYS is an in-house brand of the company Circle E Retail Pvt. Ltd.  supplies an unrivalled range of kids’ toys. We are a specialist toy manufacturing company based in Kundali, Delhi-NCR with a global presence.

Our Vision

To offer a huge array of selection of toys for kids and create a fun learning experience
while completing their physical, mental and emotional feasible.

Our Mission

To become a global provider of toys while being economically feasible.

How We Got Started

Incorporated in 2012, Circle E Retail Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-specialist toy manufacturing company based in Kundali, Delhi NCR with a presence across the country. Our mission is to become an economically feasible global manufacturer of toys. We are committed to offering a huge array of toys for kids including foosball, air hockey, fabric tents, ball pools, bath toys to name a few and create a fun learning experience while developing their physical, mental and emotional needs.

Circle E employs more than 500 people and has an unrelenting focus on quality and is an ISO and BIS certified company, audited by Sedex(2 Pillar). We have invested in state of the art technology and have licenses to manufacture and distribute a wide range of toys that delight children.

Why Us

Super Quality

We keep a keen focus on the quality of the materials we use and produce. For that, we implement impeccable quality control.

Competitive Rates

We strive towards bringing quality to every penny spent, which is reflected well in the rates we provide for the quality offered.

Emphatic Passion

Every product we produce has a sentiment of love and care as the end user is an adorable child who is the future of our world.

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