Development of positive self-concepts in preschoolers

February 13, 2023

ITOYS: Children self-concept Learning Lessons While Playing
Children Learning Lessons While Playing

A positive self-concept represents strong self-confidence. Those people like themselves are
self-confident and self-assured. People with positive self-concepts do not necessarily think of themselves as perfect or as better than others, but they are satisfied with themselves and they have the potential to change the world in a good way.

What is self-concept?

All of us have a mental picture of ourselves. The picture we have of ourselves is called our self-concept. We compare ourselves at multiple parameters. We think about ourselves as a leader or a follower, fat or thin, good or bad, etc. These all assumptions are our self-concept.

Children with low self-concepts feel less confident about their abilities and may doubt their decision-making process. They may not be motivated to try new things because they don’t believe they can reach their goals.

How to develop self-concept in Preschoolers?

Self-image is one of the most important factors that affect a child’s behaviors. There are mentioned important points to developing self-concept:-

  1. Listen attentively to what children say and ask for their suggestions. Respecting children’s ideas and suggestions helps children to develop self-confidence. They feel that their idea and suggestions are of good value.
  2. Help children identify their own positive and prosocial behavior. This will increase good manners and destroy negative thinking.
  3. Help children feel they are competent. Help children focus on their strengths, provide opportunities, encourage learning, establish reachable goals, and recognize successes.
  4. Provide new challenges and comments on positive attempts, it is good for building logic.
  5. Teach strategies to accomplish tasks. Allow children to carry out and complete tasks by themselves.
  6. Help children feel they have some control. Provide opportunities for choice, initiative, and autonomy. Provide opportunities for children to accomplish a variety of tasks at a variety of levels.
  7. Avoid comparison and competition between children. Because of by constantly comparing our child to other children, we increase his anxiety and stress levels.
  8. Help children learn to evaluate their own accomplishments.
  9. Help children learn interpersonal skills. Children learn skills to enter interactions with others.
  10. Become aware of your own expectations for children
  11. Be open to perceiving new information about children and looking at them in new ways.


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