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April 9, 2020


Everything about blog

1. Definition of a blog

A blog is short for ‘web log’, a modern online writer’s column. A blog is a website like any other, but it aims to present people’s personal thoughts on their hobbies, interests, comments, photo blogs, etc.

Initially, blogs started as online personal diaries, but in a technology-driven world, they have now been taken up by businesses as an informal method of communication as well.

Blogs can also be used for commercial purposes. While absolutely anyone can start a blog, some people make a reasonable income by selling ads on their blog pages.

A blog has the feature of popularizing and has the ability for visitors to add comments to stories.

Usually, people have two purposes for blogging –

1.  Free sharing of your knowledge, ideas, and experience.

2.  Earn money from your knowledge, ideas, and experiences.

There are two ways to start a blog

1. Free Blog Hosting: You do not need a server to start your blog. There is a lot of free, open-source blogging software out there that you can install. For example WordPress and Blogger etc.

2. Paid Blogging: Another way is when a company provides you with a limited space or a column on their website and the blogger has to pay for the same. The user uses available space. Web hosting eats it.

2. Types of blog

There are millions of blogs on the web. But they are classified into these types.

  1. Personal Blog
  2. News and Ideas
  3. Blog of a Company
  4. Micro Blog

Personal Blog

By far the most popular of all the types of blogs is the personal blog, after all, blogging started as a way to give words to your thoughts. A typical blogger may be interested in posting stories about their favorite topics.

News and Ideas

These days, there are many professional news and television companies around us that have professional journalists who post stories and views about the latest happenings. Visitors can make suggestions and comments on their posts.

Blog of a Company

Many companies run blogs to inform their customers and clients about upcoming new products or to mention the progress on some projects etc.

Micro Blog

It’s a new type of blog where you post very short comments that others can follow and it’s a powerful way for professionals to stay in touch with each other. Twitter is the best example of this.

3. Blogger

A person who writes a blog is simply known as a blogger. Blogger includes posts on social networking websites so that viewers and readers can be found then also promotes these among other people.

A good blogger should keep a few things in mind:

  1. Write unique but meaningful content: Try to keep the language simple and concise and incorporate some surprise elements. Find a topic or intrigue an issue that will captivate your readers or have people looking for more information.
  2. Don’t make it boring: Avoid cliches. Keep your writing informal if possible or quirky and strike the right balance between keeping the mood light and professional, which will satisfy you that you are serious about your business.
  3. knowing your subject is good but not enough: You need to express it properly and communicate it properly to your readers. Write engaging, concise, and active sentences with powerful verbs. Make sure your content is error-free, edit your work carefully, and only when you are satisfied with it, hit the publish button.
  4. The title is the crux of any content: Your best-quality content has no meaning if the title itself is not catchy. The first thing the readers’ attention is the title. You have to entice them to open the link and leave them satisfied so that they will want to know more about other blogs. This ultimately increases traffic to your site!

benefits of blogging:

1. We can blog anytime and anywhere in the world, all you need is your laptop
or a desktop computer and wireless Internet services.

2. You are your own employee. While blogging, you can blog at any time – whenever you think of something that is relevant to your blog.

3. As a blogger, you are free to post topics that interest you and you can choose to write about anything in the world – as long as it benefits you and influences your opinion and thought process.

4. Very quick and easy to install, does not require much technical knowledge.

5. It is easy and quick to update or add new posts. People can leave comments on your blog and you can also comment on other people’s blogs.

6.  You keep getting money in this work even if you leave this work. Whereas it is not so in job or business.

Disadvantages and precautions of blogging:

1. You need to have patience as you will not start earning in a single day. It takes time for people to develop a readership.

2.  Blogging is time-consuming. You need to be disciplined. Make time to write regularly. Update You can make this a chore.

3.  You need to be very active as a blogger so that people can read your blog posts. If, for example, you fall ill, you will not be able to blog and will lose followers as a result.

4.  As you all know the public, you need to do a check on your language.

5. There are a lot of dull blogs around. You may have to look through several before you find something worth reading.

Making money from blogging:

One of the most common ways that bloggers make money is by placing advertisements on their sites. There are two popular types of advertising: CPC / PPC advertising: Cost per click (also called pay per click)…..Ads are usually banners that you place within your content or sidebars. Whenever a reader clicks on an ad, you get paid for that click.

How to earn money from blogging?

Here’s How To Make Money From a Blog:

1. Set up your blog.।

2. Start Creating Useful Content। 

3. Jump into your blog and start finding readers। 

4. Build engagement with visiting readers। 

5. Start making money from the readers you have through one or more income streams। 

How to get money from a blog

If you are wondering how to get money from a blog then the answer is very easy. Getting money from blogging is very easy. First of all, you have to create an account in Adsense. After this, you will have to give your Bank Account details to Adsense.

When you will have 100 dollars with Adsense, then Adsense will automatically transfer all this money to your Bank Account, which you can withdraw anytime. Now you must have come to know how to get money from a blog.


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