Rolling Basketball Tower

A ‘Rolling Basketball Tower’ consists of a series of ramps and rattle balls that can be the goal on the basket and propelled down the ramp. The goal of the toy is to goal the ball that down the ramp and see how it can go. ITOYS ‘Rolling Basketball Tower’ toy is included with additional features such as easy-loop-the-loops, or stages that can be rearranged to create different color layouts. Rolling Basketball Tower can be a fun and exciting activity for children, as they can encourage imaginative play and help to improve fine motor skills.


This toy is designed to help Early Childhood Development. The ‘Rolling Basketball Tower’ helps your child learn cause and effect early as they see what happens as they drop the ball into the top level. It also develops fine motor skills, encouraging hands-on activity, and sensory stimulation. The vivid color of the track can cultivate the baby’s color-catching ability while suitable for children playing. Specially designed for children above 3 years old to play. This is a wonderful gift that promotes early learning.

What is the recommended age group for ramp racing toy?

3+ years

ITOYS ‘Rolling Basketball Tower’ toy is suitable for children as young as two or three years.

Is 'Rolling Basketball Tower' toy are easy to use?

ITOYS Rolling Basketball Towers are easier to use than others. Our rolling basketball tower toys are simple in design and made from sturdy, non-toxic materials that may be easier for younger children to use. This toy has larger, easy-to-grasp rattle balls and ramps that are designed to be stable and not easily tipped over.

How to buy this awesome toy?

ITOYS is a multi-specialist manufacturer of toys. We take our orders in bulk only. The minimum order value is at least one whole freight container, but it depends more on the shipping distance. If you are an individual buyer, please explore leading online and offline retail stores.

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