Marvel spiderman beach racket set for kids of age 3 to 10 in PVC packing for easy storage/Premium q

EAN Code: 8906054463285
MRP : 169
Age/Size : 3-8 years


This Marvel Spiderman racket Set for kids is an excellent way for kids to improve gross motor skills. The clubs are of perfect size for your kid, so that they can practice drives. Has a sturdy and Fine finish making it safe for children. A great way to teach the young player hand and eye coordination. These rackets that are lightweight, easy to grip and hard to lose - a must have for trips to the beach and holidays.

Key Features:

1. Develops eye and hand co-ordination

2. Enhance motor skills

3. Sturdy and fine finish

4. Made of plastic

Non Toxic- 100 % Safe for Children,Complies to European Safety Standards EN-71